About Us

For many company from future plans, through which it seeks to keep pace with developments in the export sector, and that it intends to continue to provide new services in the field of exporting all Egyptian products in all categories and types, and the development of methods and means of production, as well as entering new markets in the region and the world, based on plans and scientific methods, among them the following: –

  1. expansion through increased products.
  2. increase the proportion of the opening of new markets through the introduction of new varieties of global quality, which contributes to increase the volume of exports
  3. Assess and develop Forums performance and efficiency by keeping up the last thing reached by Science of Evolution
  4. to maintain the outstanding level that we have reached




»To become pioneers in the marketing and distribution of our products, backed by world-class services to our customers in Egypt and Arab countries, guided by our principles and our values.


»Promote only high-quality products, supported by superior customer service.


»The client is the focus of our attention, we Ntoa services to meet their needs.


»Commitment to the highest ethical standards in dealing with customers and suppliers and all parties inside and outside the group.

Commitment to our common goals, long-term in light of the principles that respect them to achieve leadership in our field

To provide for the market is characterized by quality products,backed by superior services at some point after the sale in order to reach a leading position in the market.

To build a sales network and services by global standards, to provide the best experience of buying and owning to our customers





The company was established to meet and take care of the requirements of our valued customers that our services are the best of all. This is available to International Corp. path huge base and distinct from the data and experience of internal and external relations, we are working with all our energies to satisfy our customers through all our dealings and services, and to be at the same time able to compete thus to become the company that you desire to always be. Since we are in constant evolution, you’ll always notice the positive development resulting from our work to improve the quality of services to suit the amount you paid and expand the size and scope of services provided to cover your needs to the fullest




  • Toget todeliver high-quality service in all countries of the world
    • the establishment of branches of the company locally andinternationally by market studies for each area
    • Tamh contract with the world’s largest companies operating in this area